thanks for visiting my page and joining me on my journey to become a successful Future Daytrader. 



My Name is Carsten. I am 49, from Germany and live near by Munich.   

I am am a freelancer as IT-Consultant and I would to become a full time Future Daytrader.


My trading journey begins in 2007 where I invest in Options. I was very successful. Within a few weeks / months I increased my account from around €5,000 to around €40,000. I used a normal banking account and I saw that the Stop Loss function does not work quite well with Option which does not have a really big Trading Volume. 

During that time I had a income of 50.000€ and to get a trading result of nearly 40.000€ with a few Weeks where indescribable. I thought great, I will soon retire from normal work and become a full-time trader.

I had to go on a business trip for 3 days and didn't really have internet during that time and I dit the mistake not to close all my Open Trades.

Unfortunately, this was the beginning of the financial crisis. When I had internet again, my account was around 500€.


After that my trading career was set to halt.


During the last years I played a bit with crypto and forget to sell at the right moment. I become a HODL....


However, my dream of becoming a successful trader never went away. 


Few Time ago started trading again. My Target now where Future Trading.


I took a few very interesting trainings, built up my Trading Environment, Trading Strategies and started Trading on SIM. I am not far away from changing from SIM to my Live Account and Game starts again with real money. 

From my point of view it does not make sense to use real money if you not be successful on SIM. 

During Trading on SIM I detect very fast, that I need some My Trading Rules for myself how to play the game. 

Before I started to learn professional Trading I defined my Trading Motivations and my My Trading Goal to become a DayTrader.



I will be very happy if you join me on my journey to become a successful Daytrader. If you have any hints or comments for me, don't hesitate to contact me.

You can contact me on twitter or direct via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


This Page is not and will not become a professional Webpage.